Remington Corporate Center

Carroll White REMC

Room for (Exponential) Growth

Remington Corporate Center is suited for businesses of almost any size or growth potential. Whether you need one acre or one thousand, we have the room you need to create the business you’ve dreamed of.

Planes, Trains, and Trucks

What do the airport, highway, and railroad all have in common? They’re conveniently close to the Remington Corporate Center. That’s great news for you and your business.

The Difference of Carroll White REMC

What makes a member-owned electricity cooperative like Carroll White REMC different? They work to keep electricity costs down. They work to keep power supply reliable. But most of all? They work for you, as a cooperative member.

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Site Address US Highway 24
Remington, IN
County Jasper
Time Zone Eastern
Ownership Private - several different owners
Total Acreage 1151 acres
Developable 836 acres
Min. Lot Size 1 acre
Zoning Not available
Min. Set Back Depends on zoning/use
Site Covenants No
Impact Fees No
Foreign Trade Zones Yes
Distance To 4 Lane Hwy 0.25 miles / 0.4 kilometers to I-65
Nearest Interstate I-65
Distance To Airport 92 miles / 148 km
Airport Name Indianapolis International Airport
Airport Runway Length 11,200 ft
Rail Service Name Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway (TP&W)
Rail Rating Short line
Rail Service Company Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway (TP&W)
Distance To Nearest Rail Loading Area 0.5 miles / 0.8 km
Electric Utility: Line KV Serving Site 12.5 kV
Electric Utility: Line KV Serving Substation 12.5 kV
Electric Utility: Substation On Site No
Electric Utility: Distance To Nearest Substation 2 miles / 3.2 km
Electric Utility: Dual Feed Yes
Electric Utility: Service Provider Carroll White REMC/Jasper County REMC
Electric Utility: Avg. Annual Outage (5 yrs.) 3.5 hours per year
Electric Utility: Distance To Service Center 15 miles / 24 km
Natural Gas: Pipe Size 3"
Natural Gas: Pressure Medium
Natural Gas: Provider NIPSCO
Natural Gas: Distance To Property Adjacent
Water Utility: Pipe Size 12"
Water Utility: System Total Capacity 3,600,000 GPD
Water Utility: System Available Capacity 3,300,000 GPD
Water Utility: Distance To Pumping Station 0.25 miles / 0.4 km
Water Utility: Provider Town of Remington
Sewer Utility: Pipe Size 6"
Sewer Utility: System Total Capacity 700,000 GPD
Sewer Utility: System Available Capacity 300,000 GPD
Sewer Utility: Distance To Treatment Plant 2 miles / 3.2 km
Sewer Utility: Type Of Line Servicing Site Force main and gravity
Sewer Utility: Provider Town of Remington
Broadband: Available Yes
Broadband: Provider CenturyLink
Broadband: Max Speed Available High Capacity
Broadband: Distance To Nearest Node 1.25 miles / 2 km
Broadband: Fiber On Site Yes
2' Topographic Survey Yes
Alta Survey With Title Search No
Geo Tech Soil Survey Yes
Conceptual Site Layout No
Wetland/Flood Map Yes
Utility Location Map Yes
Seismic Hazard Map No
Phase I/II ESAS No
Desktop Review Yes
Archeological Survey No
Others No
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