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Indiana electric co-op supports family-owned manufacturing business expansion to new facility

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A custom metal fabrications business built a new facility with upgraded lighting so that employees wouldn’t strain their eyes to see intricate details in their work – or worry about turning off the lights.

Kammerer Dynamics, Inc., a third-generation family-owned business in Kendallville, Ind., received $9,270 in Power Moves rebates from Noble REMC, its local electric cooperative, for energy efficient LED lighting and occupancy sensors installed in its new building constructed in 2019. The business had been steadily growing over the last few years and needed to expand beyond its 12,500-square-foot facility, said Alison Peterson, office manager for Kammerer Dynamics. The LEDs, which are much brighter and use less energy than incandescent lighting, and occupancy sensors were a noticeable improvement in the workshop of the new 20,000-square-foot facility, Peterson said.

“We have fewer light fixtures, but it’s brighter out there in the new building,” Peterson added. “Especially in the work we do, you have to notice the details in the metal, and the lighting is much better out there than it was in our old building.”

Kammerer’s lighting contractor worked closely with Noble REMC and the Power Moves team, which includes a LEED-AP certified engineer who can help incorporate energy efficiency upgrades into new facility designs. While Kammerer has heavy fabricating equipment, more than 60 percent of its energy bill for the old facility was because of its lighting.

“Adding that second building and it being double the size of the first one, our bills haven’t been that big of a difference,” Peterson said. “I feel like we are actually saving money because of the choices we made.”

Occupancy sensors lower energy use by turning lights on only when movement is detected in an area. They turn lights off once everybody is gone from a location, including at the end of the workday.

“We love that we don’t have to check to make sure anyone turned off the lights,” Peterson said. “We had a checklist of closing up the shop in the other building, and that was something you always had to check because that was a waste of electricity, having those lights be on all night.”

Kammerer Dynamics, which in the last few years has grown steadily from 20 to more than 35 employees, does custom fabrication for businesses including foundries and suppliers in the RV and automotive industries. The company in 2020 added a laser to the new building for additional cutting and customization.

“As a family-owned business dating back to the 1940s, Kammerer Dynamics has a long tradition and history in the community,” said Ron Raypole, president and CEO of Noble REMC. “We have seen firsthand how Kammerer’s growth has benefited the region, including adding new jobs and supporting vital industries in Indiana and the Midwest. We are proud to work with Kammerer, and are excited to see what the future has in store.”

Kammerer employees are continuing to work with Noble REMC on upgrades to its original facility, which is still in use. They have discussed what Power Moves rebates would be eligible for upgrading lighting in the original facility to LEDs.

“If you want it, we can figure it out,” Peterson said of the Kammerer’s customization offered. “That’s what we do every day. The capabilities are huge.”



  • Construction of a new 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, expanding a third-generation family-owned manufacturing business


  • Noble REMC


  • Addition of occupancy sensors and energy efficient LED lighting to new manufacturing facility
  • Lighting upgrades and sensors lead to 94,510 kWh in annual energy savings


  • $9,270 in Power Moves® rebate for energy efficiency improvements
  • Additional long-term savings in energy costs

Download the full Kammerer Dynamics Case Study.