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Renewed Education

Illinois community college $17M renovation includes battery storage, renewable energy programs

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Powering Progress

Now, more than ever, consumers are taking power into their own hands. Technology has evolved to create unique opportunities for businesses and families – even the energy industry.

Four the Future

Four school superintendents in Hancock County, Indiana, four years ago created a vision for high school kids to stay close to home for their education.

That vision has received more than $40 million in commitments to become a reality.

Understanding Generation Resources’ Impact on a Sustainable Future

As the energy landscape continues to evolve, WVPA remains committed to investing in a diverse portfolio of generation sources.

Then and Again

One Sunday morning before church, Ryan Blackman casually flipped through magazine pages when an article snagged his glance.

He eagerly read how he could be saved – from high energy prices, thanks to an innovative program offered by his local electric cooperative.