In the Media: Harvest Ridge Wind Farm now generating electricity

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Wabash Valley Power will add electricity produced by a newly constructed wind farm to its energy portfolio.

Harvest Ridge Wind Farm, which is based in Douglas County, Ill., has been completed and started generating electricity this week. WVPA has a power purchase agreement (PPA) with EDP Renewables, which constructed the wind farm, for 100 megawatts (MW) of electricity generated by the site.

“The acquisition of this 100 MW share of the Harvest Ridge Wind Farm allows Wabash Valley Power Alliance to further enable the production and development of renewable energy,” Lee Wilmes, WVPA’s executive vice president of risk and resource, said in the Harvest Ridge announcement. “For many of us in the industry, alternative energy is no longer an alternative. EDPR has been an important partner to WVPA and our membership in diversifying our power supply while creating opportunities for companies to purchase green power.”

WVPA has previously worked with EDP Renewables to purchase electricity generated in several phases of the Meadow Lake Wind Farm in northern Indiana. More information about the Harvest Ridge Wind Farm can be found on the Globe Newswire.