It’s the Power Moves program’s 10th anniversary — Thank You!

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Does it seem odd that a company would encourage people to use less of what it sells?

Probably. But then, Wabash Valley Power has always been a different kind of electric company. If you’re not familiar with Wabash Valley Power, we are the wholesale electricity supplier for 23 local electric cooperatives in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.  And like our 23 member co-ops, we are also a not-for-profit electric utility  — governed by a Board of Directors that represent your local electric cooperative.

Ten years ago, recognizing the need to manage power costs, Wabash Valley joined with its member co-ops to jointly launch an energy efficiency program called Power Moves®.  The program was designed to help save kilowatt hours, pushing back the need for constructing costly new power plants – saving all of us money in the long run.  With incentives for purchasing higher efficiency equipment, home and business energy audits, and tips for how to save on monthly bills, co-op members’ participation in the Power Moves program has been nothing short of amazing.

So, why would a power company encourage anyone to use less?  It’s simple.  We are a cooperative.  It’s not about profit for shareholders, it’s about doing what’s best for the homes and businesses we serve.  If we can help members be energy smart and save money…we’re all in.

So, here on the 10th anniversary of the Power Moves energy efficiency program, is what we’re celebrating:

  • By participating in the Power Moves efficiency program, you have helped Wabash Valley Power and its 23 member electric cooperatives avoid spending nearly $64 million in power supply costs
  • Program participants have received just over $28 million in incentives for choosing to install energy efficient products that help all of us save on our monthly electric bills
  • Together, we’ve saved 297,927,000 kilowatt hours of energy (enough energy to power nearly 25,000 homes for one year)

And so we say, Happy 10th Anniversary, Power Moves—and a million thank-yous to all of you who have participated in the program. What you’ve helped us achieve has been truly remarkable. And there’s no reason to stop now: Find out more today at