Fremont Logistics Park

Steuben County REMC

Build Bigger

At Fremont Industrial Park, you’ve got plenty of space to build big, and plenty more to grow. Not only that, but with a supportive infrastructure for your utility needs you’ll never have to worry about staying operational.

Ride the Rails (And the Roads, and the Skies)

Whatever your business is, you don’t want to locate it somewhere that will make logistics a nightmare. Fremont Industrial Park is different: With easy access to the railroad, highway, and airport, shipments are a cinch.

Steuben County REMC Keeps the Lights On

In the last five years, Steuben County REMC has reported just one outage, lasting just a little more than an hour. That’s the kind of reliability you can build a business on, and that’s what you get at the Fremont Industrial Park.

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Site Address State Road 120
Fremont, IN
County Steuben
Time Zone Eastern
Ownership Optioned by Steuben County EDC
Total Acreage 150 acres
Developable 142 acres
Min. Lot Size 20 acres
Zoning Light Industrial
Min. Set Back 30' front, 20' sides, 25' rear
Site Covenants No
Impact Fees No
Foreign Trade Zones Yes
Distance To 4 Lane Hwy 2 miles / 3.2 km to I-69 & 1-80/90 Interchange
Nearest Interstate I-69 & 1-80/90 Interchange
Distance To Airport 12 miles / 19.3 km
Airport Name Tri State Steuben County Airport
Airport Runway Length 4,400 L.F.
Rail Service Name Indiana Northeastern Railroad
Rail Rating Line approved for 286K loadings
Rail Service Company Norfolk Southern Railroad
Distance To Nearest Rail Loading Area <1 mile / <1.6 km
Electric Utility: Line KV Serving Substation 69 kV
Electric Utility: Substation On Site N/A
Electric Utility: Distance To Nearest Substation 8 miles
Electric Utility: Dual Feed 3 miles
Electric Utility: Service Provider Steuben County REMC
Electric Utility: Avg. Annual Outage (5 yrs.) One outage in 5 years / 1 hour, 21 minutes
Electric Utility: Distance To Service Center 8 miles
Natural Gas: Pipe Size 4" plastic
Natural Gas: Pressure 60 psig - medium pressure distribution gas main
Natural Gas: Provider NIPSCO
Natural Gas: Distance To Property On site
Water Utility: Pipe Size 10"
Water Utility: System Total Capacity 620,000 GPD
Water Utility: System Available Capacity 363,000 GPD
Water Utility: Distance To Pumping Station < 1 mile
Water Utility: Provider Town of Fremont
Sewer Utility: Pipe Size 15"
Sewer Utility: System Total Capacity 600,000 GPD
Sewer Utility: System Available Capacity 240,000 GPD
Sewer Utility: Distance To Treatment Plant < 1 mile
Sewer Utility: Type Of Line Servicing Site 15" gravity - runs along south ROW
Sewer Utility: Provider Town of Fremont
Broadband: Available Yes
Broadband: Provider Frontier Communications & iMAN/iNET Fiber Optic Services
Broadband: Max Speed Available (3) 10 Gbs Circuits by iNET - To: South Bend/Indianapolis/Columbus, OH
Broadband: Distance To Nearest Node iMAN/iNET: On site
Broadband: Fiber On Site Yes
2' Topographic Survey 1' topographical survey
Alta Survey With Title Search Yes
Geo Tech Soil Survey Yes
Conceptual Site Layout Yes
Wetland/Flood Map Yes
Utility Location Map Yes
Seismic Hazard Map No
Phase I/II ESAS Yes
Desktop Review Yes
Archeological Survey No
Name Isaac Lee
Email Isaac@SteubenEDC.com
Phone 260-665-6889
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